Search homes in Columbia real estateThe Riverbanks Zoo and Garden is overflowing with the world’s creatures on Columbia property. Close to 200 acres of scenic Columbia real estate is home to two thousand animals. Some encountered look cute and cuddly while others are awesomely intimidating with just one glance.

Located at 500 Wildlife Parkway, the park is divided into geographically inspired zones. Africa’s contribution to the animal kingdom is so varied and vast it is explored in two separate sections. Meet Slender-tailed Meerkats, Western Lowland Gorillas, and African Elephants in the Ndoki Forest. Two acres of African Plains are filled with long necked Giraffes, fluffy feathered Ostrich, and striped Zebras. Lions are truly king, and with a roar or two they let their subjects know it. A trip down under to the Australian landscape finds cuddly Koalas snuggled in their Eucalyptus trees. Kangaroos and Wallabies happily hop about. Grizzly Bears stand their ground representing North America in the newly renovated Destination Riverbanks. California Sea Lions and North American River Otters are also found here frolicking in the water.

Get Up Close And Personal On Columbia Real Estate

Guests can get up close to some of the animals at the Riverbanks Zoo. Giraffes are gentle creatures, and at the Giraffe Overlook visitors can actually hand feed them. Lorikeets also love a good treat. These colorful birds will fly down to perch on shoulders and arms when offered a taste of nectar.

Glorious botanical gardens are adjacent to the zoo and have their own entrance. Stroll serene settings and find peace in the Asian Garden. Imaginations flourish when in the Bog and Shade gardens. And, guests always stop to smell the blossoms in the Rose Garden. Admission to this section of Columbia property is included once entering the zoo.